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Unwarned belly patting: don’t do it (unless its me)

I’m almost 14 weeks pregnant, and I’ve only really been showing for the past two. Already, there have been three accounts of people patting or rubbing my abdomen without asking. From what I hear, this is common. Strangers on the train will put their hands on my expanded middle.

For me, this is not a big deal. It’s not that I don’t have personal space, it’s that my bubble includes everyone else.

For others, I can imagine this would be startling at the very least, and bring on atavistic rage at the most.

I do find this incredibly interesting, from a sociological perspective. Our culture seems to celebrate pregnant women, which I assume is a celebration that we haven’t become inept at procreation. Pregnancy is also a temporary state, so unless you troll maternity wards, you don’t tend to have a steady stream of pregnant women in your life. It’s powerful that growing a baby is something gives everyone else the go-ahead to cross the don’t-touch-strangers-in-the-midsection boundary.

Just so you know, I’m totally willing to let anyone touch my belly. I wonder if that will change as the baby (and I) get larger, and I start to get that mama animal, primal thing. I’ll let you know.

Another tacky announcement! My blog wants to tell you I’m pregnant.

Following in the tradition of marriage and moving, there’s no better way to tell a group of people you’re (insert pregnancy euphemism here).

I figure you’re all as excited as we are, so I’ll skip the blathering and just give you the goods:

  • We’re expecting a human baby around May 20th, 2010.
  • That makes me almost 14 weeks pregnant.
  • Yes, I had first-trimester nausea.
  • No, I didn’t ever actually puke.
  • Yes, I plan on blogging all about it.
  • That makes this a mostly knitting and pregnancy blog at this point.
  • As I am an open person, you are going to hear about controversial, weird and potentially gross stuff. Consider yourself warned.

7 weeks 13 Weeks

(That’s 7 weeks and 14 weeks.)

Next to come: sonogram headshot of what we’re referring to as The Soybean, results of genetic testing, ruminations on the first three months, and more.

Let’s play “Where’s Sonya?”

Let’s play "Where’s Sonya?", originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Can you guess? If you happen to read my Twitter (also referred to as
‘microblogging’ on the sidebar here, you’ll deduce that I’m at a book
conference, in Charleston, SC.

I pinch hit for Abby (who’s sick) by booking a flight then getting on
said flight yesterday.

My talk was on what LibraryThing is, and about social cataloging. I
think it was good – passable. I think it could be great if I get to
practice it more than once.