What’s the tackiest way to announce something, part II

I wouldn’t consider my news to be on par with getting hitched, but I have some news, and realized that this is the easiest way to disseminate it.

Jason and I are leaving New Bedford and the Millicent Library, and moving up to Boston, where Jason just started a new job. He’s commuting up there for now (two hours each way! on a bus! with nor’easters!) but we’ll move at the end of January. (I’ll be sending out the nearly-as-awkward email with our new address once we hunt down an apartment in Bostonland.)

Jason’s been working on his own for the past two years, and it was time to re-enter the jobby-job world. There’s not a lot in the way of programmer action down here, and there’s a veritable hotbed of zeros and ones flowing through Boston, so it was a pretty easy choice. We get to keep our local friends and drivers licenses, and add the benefit of a major city, major airport, more jobs, trains, bikes, and ducks.

The major downside is leaving the library. It didn’t occur to me that a hazard of working with children is having to tell them that you’re abandoning them for a different library with different children. I’m not exactly sure how to do it, really. My heart sinks whenever I think about it. I’m hoping that when my replacement is hired, we can have a party with the two of us, like a “hello goodbye” celebration.

1772 Map of Boston
(click to enjoy)
1772 map of Boston

  1. Well, the princess has to leave the castle *sometime*

    I hope you can have a “hello goodbye” party too. What a great idea for transitioning kids! Probably works well on adults too.

  2. You’re not tacky — you’re efficient! And that’s surely a requirement for librarians, yes?

    Congratulations! Do you know yet what Boston will hold for you, employment-wise? Or is the city your (Union) Oyster (House)?

  3. Hooray!!! I’ll need to put together of 20 things / places in Boston that you have to see visit…I once made up a Boston scavenger hunt to help someone learn how to bike around Boston and Cambridge…maybe I can do the same for you.

  4. Congratulations! Scary perhaps, and sad to leave the library, but new things in store. Yay! And besides, I’ll be in NYC as of January 8, so we’re just a quick train ride away. Let’s have fun!

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