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New obsession

Somehow I got sidetracked reading my daily BoingBoing, and ended up drooling over Art Deco Brownies. That’s when I remembered I was in love with Yashica Mat cameras, and have spent the last hour looking for one on Ebay. Whew. I’ve got to stop. I might as well take up horse riding and oil painting. I like expensive hobbies.


Goodness. That’s unfortunate.

Last night was Nolan‘s last show (for now? till they all move to Minneapolis? till they’re in their 40s?) and Sauza tequila was promoting the show. Not only did I get shots of margarita in a handy dandy shot glass complete with tether (don’t worry Jason, I got you one), but the Sauza wenches were taking Polaroids to help all of us remember the evening – helpful, because their product was doing the opposite.

I can’t believe how badly I photograph. I mean, a friend once said he never hit on me because he was scared of my teeth. I look like I’m about to eat the photo wench.

Lena used to make fun of me because I also have a kind of ratface smile. This is much much worse.

Tim, on the other hand, looks normal, and kind of even happy. It does not look like he is dead inside, which surprised him.

New thing! New thing!

Jason, in a fit of awesomeness, put a real gallery on my site. Now, when you click on the gallery (up there in the right-hand corner) it pulls up a list of galleries that will contain my shocking, awe-inspiring, nudie, family, friendly, gorgeous work. Look for more images after this week.

Who am I kidding. I’ll post and tell you all about it, including the f-stop I used.
It's a paper bag.


My computer has been giving me little peeps of death. There were just a few symptoms, but it was enough to warrant going to the Apple Store to be fixed. Plus I have about a month left on my AppleCare, and I’ll never be this close to an Apple Store again.

What else will I not be near after this month?

Whole Foods
All of Chicagoland

Bah. Usually lists make me feel better.

Pernice Brothers at the Empty Bottle, a review

When I got down to Chicago last night, Jake informed me that the Pernice Brothers were playing at the Empty Bottle, and he was going. Despite having a friend in town, I chose to go to the show. This is a rarity – as a rule, I hate going to see live music. I have to stand, everyone is posing about, it’s smoky, and my ears hurt.

So that’s how much I was excited about seeing the Pernice Brothers. They were great, even though they didn’t play my favorite song “Our Time Has Passed”. Dino and Jake yelled it between songs, but alas.

Joe Pernice looks a lot like Joe Lindemann, my dad’s friend from up the road.

I can thank C-ris Weber for introducing me to this song. He put together a random sampling of what he had been listening to, back in 2003, and “Our Time Has Passed” was one of the best. The best, of course, was “Canyon Ride” by the Beachwood Sparks.

He sent me a new bunch of songs, a few months ago, and I’m now very unselfishly going to release the new blow-your-ass-out-your-ass list. Don’t ever say I didn’t do nuthin’ for you.

1) Arcade Fire–Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
2) Ben Harper with the Blind Boys of Alabama–Picture of Jesus or Church on Time
3) Bright Eyes–At the Bottom of Everything or We are Nowhere and It’s Now
4) Broken Social Scene–Stars and Sons
5) Cub Country–Be Yer Own Hitman
6) Damien Rice–the Blower’s Daughter or Cold Water
7) Decemberists–We Both Go Down Together
8) Dolorean–Jenny Place your Bets
9) Ed Harcourt–Kids (Rise from the Ashes) or Born in the 70’s
10) Elefant–Now that I miss you
11) Erin Mckeown–Blackbirds
12) Frou Frou–Must be Dreaming or Let Go
13) Helio Sequence–Repeater
14) Iron and Wine–Sunset Soon Forgotten
15) Joanna Newsom–Sadie
16) Josh Rouse–James or Love Vibration
17) Kashmir–The Aftermath or Petite Machine
18) Loretta Lynn–Portland Oregon or Van Lear Rose
19) Madeleine Peyroux–Don’t wait too long
20) Maritime–Sleep Around the Clock or James
21) Mason Jennings–Ballad of Paul and Shelia or Lemon Grove Avenue
(watch this last one–it will stick in your head for days)
22) Matt Pond PA–Kc
23) Nellie Mckay–Change the World or Baby Watch your Back
24) Now it’s Overhead–A Skeleton on Display
25) Phoenix–Everything is Everything
26) Rilo Kiley–Absence of God
27) Rufus Wainright–The one You Love
28) Son Volt–Windfall
29) Ted Leo and the Pharmacists–Walking to Do or Me and Mia
30) The Shins–Girl Inform Me or New Slang
31) Tom Mcrae–A Day like Today
32) Anything you find of the Voices on the Verge
33) David Mead–Nashville

You’d better enjoy this, or you’re not neat.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, a review

Last night I saw the abovementioned movie, with Jason.

The original movie leaves out a bunch of stuff from the book, so I was delighted when they created those scenes. As for actually getting in the factory, I began to feel disappointed. Johnny Depp was acting like Jim Carey from the Mask, capped teeth and all. The capped teeth thing actually leads to part of the story (albeit not in the book), so I soon got used to Depp’s particular style of creepy.

I particulary enjoyed the Oompa Loompas. I think it was the best part. Plus, they did the songs Dahl had written lyrics for in different musical styles, ala St. Ambrose’s production of James and the Giant Peach.

I’ll watch it again, I’m sure, but the original movie is still #1 to me.

Especially since they totally effed up the boat scene.

There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction they are going!
There’s no knowing where they’re rowing,
Or which way they river’s flowing!
Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing,
For the rowers keep on rowing,
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing…

I want to build a Stonehenge, Dad.

Oh, my heart is singing with joy. As much as I shrug off mysticism and wicca (they’re neat, but not for me), I do get really excited about the mystery behind ancient structures. The pyramids are a good example. I think my favorite is Stonehenge.

BoingBoing, doing their job, reported a story about a man in Michigan who has figured out a way (possibly THE way) that ancient Britons could have created Stonehenge.


Here’s a link to the page on It’s the last item on the page, and there’s a video of the story. It’s so cool!

The guy is a former construction worker with a penchance for moving heavy things. Sound like anyone familiar? His name is Wally Wallington, and he has his own website that I’m SURE I’ll be perusing for the rest of the day, as I figure out how moving heavy stuff can become part of my library science thesis.

This makes me want to build another rock wall on my parent’s farm. Or maybe a replica of the Easter Island thingies.

Easter Island

Sure, sure, now it works.

Last night I couldn’t access any of the sites hosted on the server. Jason swore that he could view them. Who’s lying?

What I really wanted to do last night was post about finishing the sixth Harry Potter book, The Half-blood Prince. I was kind of book-sad, and I wanted to post about how nice it was that a book could make me feel geniunely sad, not just you-pulled-my-heartstrings-you-bastard sad (like ER).

But I guess I can’t really discuss the plot much, because not everyone has gotten their hands on the book yet. My noble sister is number fifty-something on the wait list at the Iowa City public library, and she works there.

I do want to say that I didn’t feel that this book was the darkest yet. There’s a lot more plot per page (seeing as it’s smaller than Order of the Phoenix), but it was straightfoward adventurelike.

Anyway, I’m over it. I’m back on the Infinite Jest teet.