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Wadsgreen origin story

Wadsgreen origin story

Wadsgreen origin story, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Once upon a time, two nerds met on the internet. IRL, they met up at the Blue Cat Brew Pub in Rock Island, Illinois.

Seven years later, we left our baby with great babysitters (the Greenparents) and are having dinner at the same place. It’s a great excuse to wax reminiscent about The Beginning. I should probably stop blogging and eat these duck drummies.

So many lovies

DSC_1483, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

80 lays her head down and sucks her thumb on the following:
my belly
Lambie (her official bedtime lovie)
a number of teddy bears
the neighbor’s golden retriever
a random dog we met at the park today

Victim targeted

Victim targeted, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Jason’s challenged me to try and take a *good* photo every day. I’d been complaining that practicing my photography wiles on 80 is getting tiring, but then realized that it’s a perfect challenge. I’ll have to be creative to keep it from being (too) repetitive. Follow along on the Wadsgreen Flickr (if you actually know us). I’ll post the occasional one here (as “repetitive” may be interpreted as “pictures of your damned kid every day”).

Digital grandparents

on Flickr” href=””>Digital grandparents

Digital grandparents, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

80 skyped with her maternal grandparents tonight, and touched their faces … I mean the screen, a lot. That would sound heartbreaking, if we weren’t seeing them in a week.