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The most adorable heart attack you’ll ever have

UPDATE: THE LORIS’ NAME IS SONYA. Is my power animal a loris?

My heart goes into palpitations every time I watch this. I like how the person holding the camera starts making sounds like ghosts at the end, as they can’t handle the cute and their brain starts to melt.

Long ago, I used to play the game “If You Were an Animal, What Would You Be?” with my friends. You know – Sam is a polar bear, Jason’s a human, Christa was a gelflin.

It took me a few months to figure out Allison’s, but I was watching TV and saw the “>slow loris. They look like Ewok/teddy bear/large hamsters, and they have toxin glands in their armpits. That sums up Allison – supercute, but bitey.

That being said, if I were as cute as a loris, I’d need a defense mechanism too, or I’d end up without any fur from all the tickling.

My second attempt at the second annual request for $20

Hi all. So, this weekend I’m participating in the Walk of Hunger. About a month ago, I gave you fair warning that I was going to be soliciting donations. The time has come.

Ug. A post about asking for money. I certainly don’t relish doing it, but I believe in what Project Bread is doing, and in fact, the organization lives in my neighborhood, so I can tell you right now that it’s a worthy organization. So rest assured your money isn’t being wasted.

So why donate? It’s easy – it’s all web-based these’a days, so it’ll take you under 3 minutes.

Still not feeling it? Reasonable. There are lots of people asking for money for lots of programs, and right now is not the greatest time to ask people to give up their money. But here’s what I know: I love doing this, and it makes me happy to help. I would love it if you helped me participate.

So, now for all y’all who grew up listening to NPR and are conditioned to release your credit card info when you hear about the gifts, this is for you:

$10-$20 – 4×6″ framable photo of my choosing. You best know I’ll make it special just for you.

$20-$50 – Your choice: framed 8×10″ photo of my choosing (for you), or a mixed tape (in CD or .zip format) of my favorite songs.

$50-$100 – A pint bag of homemade granola sent to you.

$100+ – You get to choose the next name to add to Stella Physics VonBarf or a knitted pair of socks or arm warmers (deliverable within 6 months).

OK. Make me make some things for you!


Chives!, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

One man’s weeds are another man’s potato topping.

So it begins: the garden

I started seeds in the technogarden on March 3rd, that being 60 days before our projected last freeze.
on Flickr”>Technogarden

Now, less than a month before Planting Day, they’re HUGE, and some plants are dwarfing others. I spent some time last night potting some of the plugs, to give more room all around.
Technogarden, redux

It was surprising how much of a root system they had developed – I’m hoping they’ll transfer well to dirt. Here’s one of the three cabbage plants:
Hydroponic cabbage

I’m pleased to get to use my silver Sharpie:
Hungarian <3

Now, if the technogarden held the only seeds I had planted, I would have enough plants to fill my whole garden (it’s 16’x11′) – but oh no. No. My plans are for plant domination:
Seedlings, not egglings

Everything’s so healthy, I’m going to give away some of the peppers (I planted 6 each of 5 varieties – what was I thinking?), and others that sprouted so well. The only disappointment so far has been the lavender – it just never sprouted.

Mission complete

In just about one month, I’ll be walking 20 miles for Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger. What I’m doing is asking you for a donation. It’s easy, click right here here here. I’m trying to raise $1,000, but I think $20 is a reasonable amount for someone to consider. In a year, what’s $20?

5 miles!

So, you can read my reasons to donate here, last year’s attempt at bribery here, the straight-up begging here, and the pictures from last year, if seeing soggy superheroes is what you need for inspiration.

Will I be sending out cookies and making a zine this year? No. No, no I won’t. That didn’t go very well. As it turns out, baking cookies hearty enough to stand travel is hard. So is making zines (as it turns out, I’m more of a zine reader than creator).

So, I’m going to think long and hard about what I can provide as motivation, that doesn’t require so much … work. I’ll take suggestions, even. Let’s do some brainstorming here:
* Auction off Stella Physics VonBarf’s next additional name
* A print of one of a photograph I’ve taken (I’ll do some sorting, and come up with some good choices)
* To anyone who I can hand-deliver, a delicious crusty loaf of bread, or granola
* Let’s keep it clean, here. If you’re looking for vintage Sonya cheesecake photos, email me directly.

Mission complete,
originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Now, to eat the evidence.