The most adorable heart attack you’ll ever have

UPDATE: THE LORIS’ NAME IS SONYA. Is my power animal a loris?

My heart goes into palpitations every time I watch this. I like how the person holding the camera starts making sounds like ghosts at the end, as they can’t handle the cute and their brain starts to melt.

Long ago, I used to play the game “If You Were an Animal, What Would You Be?” with my friends. You know – Sam is a polar bear, Jason’s a human, Christa was a gelflin.

It took me a few months to figure out Allison’s, but I was watching TV and saw the “>slow loris. They look like Ewok/teddy bear/large hamsters, and they have toxin glands in their armpits. That sums up Allison – supercute, but bitey.

That being said, if I were as cute as a loris, I’d need a defense mechanism too, or I’d end up without any fur from all the tickling.

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