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24 Hour Zine Thing

I’m helping run this year’s 24 Hour Zine Thing. You should do it.

What’s that, you ask?
“The 24 Hour Zine Challenge asks zinesters to create a 24-page zine from conception to final product in 24 hours straight. Zines should be of suitable size and technical difficulty so that this truly is a challenge for individual zinesters.”

What’s a zine, you ask?
Short answer: A handmade book with original content – art, writing, whathaveyou. Then it’s photocopied and distributed.
Clicky answer

Things that come back to haunt.

I may not have mentioned this, but last year at the ALA conference, I used interpretive dance as a weapon against bad DJing during a 3M event.

Karla found this on the DJ’s site:
Sonya and Maggie gettin' down.

If I’m not wrong, the particular song we’re dancing to is Purple Rain.

There is not a hint of sarcasm in my voice when I say that I’m sure my mother is proud of me. We’ve always been a dancepartyUSA family.

Time to learn something new.

I just Googled ‘sock puppets’, and found that the word has been used to describe “an additional account created by an existing member of an Internet community, sometimes to manufacture the illusion of support in a vote or argument. Other reasons include a desire to support or vote on an issue coupled with a desire to have one’s “main” account stay away from the issue. This behaviour is sometimes seen as being dishonest by online communities and as a result these individuals are often labeled as trolls. ” –Wikipedia

My search was for the fabric footwear plaything, as I am going to attempt (one handed) to make sock puppets at the library for Wednesday’s Crafternoon.

sock puppet history

24 Hour Meme

First there was the 24 Hour Comic. “an annual event where cartoonists around the world each try to create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours.” October 20th, 2007

24 hour comics

Then there was the 24 Hour Zine Thing.

24 hour zine thing

Now there’s the 48 Hour Book Challenge. “That special contest that allows you to read guilt-free for as long as you can stand it.” It’s going on RIGHT NOW.

48 Hour Book Challenge

I love the idea of forgoing the laundry, errands, bathing, etc. to lay around and read for an entire weekend. If I weren’t working right now, I’d be participating. I like the idea of finding a couple of different places to read over the course of the two-day period. On the beach, on the deck, lolling around in bed, on the couch, with the cat, at the kitchen table, at a cafe … it feels very hedonistic to me – book porn.

Things that make me happy

There’s a specific feeling I get when I witness something super cute or amazing or cutemazing. The newest phenomenon to sweep my heart is a contestant from So You Think You Can Dance, a Fox-laden reality show about dancing.

The video provides the intro information, so there’s not a lot to say except that my heart expands when I watch this guy in his cute orange shirt clogging to Missy Elliott. I mean really. You can’t just do that to people. He starts off all skinny-white-guy-doing-hip-hop and then busts into this kick-ass clogging, with his arms pumping and his elbows all out. Oh man.

Is it just me? I burst into peals of laughter when he makes the first transition from hip-hop into clogging.

Previous things that make my heart ache in a good way include:
Dancing Animals in Love
Year of the Rat
Cute Overload
This picture of my sister

Weddings and controlled vocabulary

This weekend I (very, very carefully) travelled to NC for a wedding.


Highlights include catching up with many friends I have not seen since the last wedding we were all at, and being chatted up by no less than five different strangers my parents age about either 1. my Little Prince tattoo or 2. my sling – somehow bikers can sniff out their own kind, and I ended up saying the words “Tour de France”, which I avoid.

My librarian crew will be proud when I decided that we should create a controlled vocabulary so we could all search Flickr for wedding-weekend photos. Controlled vocabulary is the use of specific words in metadata – for instance, if I tagged my wedding photos ‘Geoff&Anne’, people I’m not already linked to would have to know that I used THAT SPECIFIC TERM to find the images.

Anybody else want to try their hand at defining ‘controlled vocabulary’? Now that we’re masters of our own tags, this concept is important.

Also, if you like scintillating cataoging news, you can learn about how activists like Sandy Berman are trying to get the Library of Congress to dump some of the more inflammatory subject headings that were acceptable at one time, but are no more.