Monthly Archives: June 2007

Baking lust: camoflaged bran muffins

E sent me a link to bitterbutton, an amazing baking/designy website. The official statement is “a lab notebook of baking experiments, with an emphasis on cute food, design, and presentation.”

Anyway, amongst a great number of posts that make my heart ache in an unnamed maker/crafter/designer way, there was a post about how bran muffins are hands-down good for you, but if you add anything to make them taste better (like frosting) they cease to be good for you. She devised a fantastic solution: cupcake-looking masquerade masks! She even made .pdfs.

bran muffins

I’m about to have a creative heart attack. I love bran muffins on their own, but if I owned a coffee shop, this is how I would sell them.