Monthly Archives: July 2011

DFW word game

David Foster Wallace’s shorter works, like found in “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” is to an olive as “Infinite Jest” is to:

a. a concrete block
b. a hot air balloon
c. a muffuletta sandwich

The answer is c, a muffuletta sandwich.

New blog goal: mini milestones


I asked 80 to smile for the picture. My aunt Sharon politely dubbed this her “chipmunk face”.

It seems there are these very consistent benchmarks for babies of the same age, and other milestones that can be very different (new teeth, walking). I make a lot of parenting decisions based on other’s experiences, taking the same/different factor into consideration. I’ve decided to try and blog more of these small observations. On a personal level, they’re really only fun for 80’s family, but this data could be interesting to other new parents.

An observation for today: while playing on the front steps of C+A’s house, 80 discovered hauling both herself and her water bottle up an down. She’d be on one step, and put the bottle on the step above or below. It’s a small thing, but it’s related to manipulating both herself and another object on a multi-level surface.

Midwest milestone


80 had her first sweetcorn on Sunday. We attended a heavy metal pool party that featured lots of great food. The corn was buttered and grilled, thus making it the best first sweetcorn a baby could have. It’s a great toddler food, since you really only need the front teeth to eat it, and the cob can be gnawed on to no I’ll effect. She also liked the spicy garbanzo bean salad, the pool, and the metal music.