Year of the Rat

Jason and I got back from watching Howl’s Moving Castle tonight, and turned on the tv (and turned on the tv – that’s a joke for Jake) to find our PBS affiliate playing the most best awesome videos on a show called Video Diner. Fatlip, Beta Band, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock …

And then we saw the video for Badly Drawn Boy’s Year of the Rat (in Quicktime). It was the most wonderful thing in the world. It made me tear up. It is just amazing.

Now, I say that, but how many of you are going to click on the hyperlinked words? I suppose to press how important it is, I’ll tell you that you will feel better after you see it. It’s more nice, fuzzy, and good than a mixed bag of Tribbles, Care Bears, Dancing Animals in Love, and my parent’s beagle Johnathan Edwards.

Now, I don’t want to tell you more, because part of loving it was kind of discovering it. So, go, look at it.

Other viewing options:

Year of the Rat (Windows Media Player)

Year of the Rat (Real Player)

  1. wow- i’m tearing up at work. happiness. joy. its a good song, too, no?
    we should talk soon….xoxox al

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