Things that come back to haunt.

I may not have mentioned this, but last year at the ALA conference, I used interpretive dance as a weapon against bad DJing during a 3M event.

Karla found this on the DJ’s site:
Sonya and Maggie gettin' down.

If I’m not wrong, the particular song we’re dancing to is Purple Rain.

There is not a hint of sarcasm in my voice when I say that I’m sure my mother is proud of me. We’ve always been a dancepartyUSA family.

  1. It looks like you’re imploring her to give up yoga, and she’s totally ignoring you.

    I really like the couple slow dancing behind you. They’re trying to be romantic to ‘their song’ and you two are exploring dramatic movement spaces.

  2. I think it looks like the two of you are preparing yourselves for a dance-fight … a la 1980s Michael Jackson videos. Sweet!

  3. It looks more like some sort of brutal American Sign Language street fight. Imagine what they could do with just one finger.

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