So it begins: the garden

I started seeds in the technogarden on March 3rd, that being 60 days before our projected last freeze.
on Flickr”>Technogarden

Now, less than a month before Planting Day, they’re HUGE, and some plants are dwarfing others. I spent some time last night potting some of the plugs, to give more room all around.
Technogarden, redux

It was surprising how much of a root system they had developed – I’m hoping they’ll transfer well to dirt. Here’s one of the three cabbage plants:
Hydroponic cabbage

I’m pleased to get to use my silver Sharpie:
Hungarian <3

Now, if the technogarden held the only seeds I had planted, I would have enough plants to fill my whole garden (it’s 16’x11′) – but oh no. No. My plans are for plant domination:
Seedlings, not egglings

Everything’s so healthy, I’m going to give away some of the peppers (I planted 6 each of 5 varieties – what was I thinking?), and others that sprouted so well. The only disappointment so far has been the lavender – it just never sprouted.

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