The second annual request for $20

In just about one month, I’ll be walking 20 miles for Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger. What I’m doing is asking you for a donation. It’s easy, click right here here here. I’m trying to raise $1,000, but I think $20 is a reasonable amount for someone to consider. In a year, what’s $20?

5 miles!

So, you can read my reasons to donate here, last year’s attempt at bribery here, the straight-up begging here, and the pictures from last year, if seeing soggy superheroes is what you need for inspiration.

Will I be sending out cookies and making a zine this year? No. No, no I won’t. That didn’t go very well. As it turns out, baking cookies hearty enough to stand travel is hard. So is making zines (as it turns out, I’m more of a zine reader than creator).

So, I’m going to think long and hard about what I can provide as motivation, that doesn’t require so much … work. I’ll take suggestions, even. Let’s do some brainstorming here:
* Auction off Stella Physics VonBarf’s next additional name
* A print of one of a photograph I’ve taken (I’ll do some sorting, and come up with some good choices)
* To anyone who I can hand-deliver, a delicious crusty loaf of bread, or granola
* I have a mix I’ve been working on, of personal favorite songs – it could be yours!
* Let’s keep it clean, here. If you’re looking for vintage Sonya cheesecake photos, email me directly.

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