Wadsgreen origin story

Wadsgreen origin story

Wadsgreen origin story, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Once upon a time, two nerds met on the internet. IRL, they met up at the Blue Cat Brew Pub in Rock Island, Illinois.

Seven years later, we left our baby with great babysitters (the Greenparents) and are having dinner at the same place. It’s a great excuse to wax reminiscent about The Beginning. I should probably stop blogging and eat these duck drummies.

  1. It took me several moments to realize this was a sideways picture of the steps up to the bar level. 🙂 I remember your mom informing me of this meeting when discussing my tendency to do my homework with the help of sloe gin fizzes here.

  2. For the first few years, I didn’t tell people about the Internets part.

    I just fixed the picture. We went up to the bar (where we actually met), then went back downstairs to eat. There was maybe a lot of kissing.

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