Another tacky announcement! My blog wants to tell you I’m pregnant.

Following in the tradition of marriage and moving, there’s no better way to tell a group of people you’re (insert pregnancy euphemism here).

I figure you’re all as excited as we are, so I’ll skip the blathering and just give you the goods:

  • We’re expecting a human baby around May 20th, 2010.
  • That makes me almost 14 weeks pregnant.
  • Yes, I had first-trimester nausea.
  • No, I didn’t ever actually puke.
  • Yes, I plan on blogging all about it.
  • That makes this a mostly knitting and pregnancy blog at this point.
  • As I am an open person, you are going to hear about controversial, weird and potentially gross stuff. Consider yourself warned.

7 weeks 13 Weeks

(That’s 7 weeks and 14 weeks.)

Next to come: sonogram headshot of what we’re referring to as The Soybean, results of genetic testing, ruminations on the first three months, and more.

  1. There’s no such thing as TMI in a Sonya pregnancy blog. I will read it all!

    Which brings me to my first question … genetic testing? Anything fancy-like, or just the standard quad-screen (Down Syndrome, etc.)? Ooo, or are you testing to ensure that you’ve created a member of a super-race, a la Khan Noonien Singh?

    Hmm, I’m loving me the names Soybean and Hawkeye, but Auntie Stephanie just might have to call this baby Khan.


  2. Congrats, Sonya! I love that you are calling it the soybean, that is adorable. Although, be forewarned… a friend of mine called her baby tater the whole time she was pregnant, and I still think of her as “tater” even though she is a toddler now. 🙂

  3. Khan would be a great ‘yelling out the front door at your kid’ name. I’d have to shake my fist every time.

  4. Also, Soybean is a great nickname for a farmer’s granddaughter. I wholly support it. Better than Whosit, which is what my parents referred to me as.

  5. i will eat whatever soybean you put in front of me, fair warning. but its like love-noms, right?

  6. Soybean is adorable. We called Kirsten “the parasite” and I have to stop myself from calling her by her somewhat derogatory in utero nickname sometimes;)

  7. Hey, we’ve been promised ruminations and the like — where’s the updates? Baby talk, I want baby talk!

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