1. Kids! I haven’t checked your blog in so long and lo and behold, much has happened! Congratulations mille fois!!

  2. dude, i had this crazy dream about you tonight. and in my dream you were engaged, so i checked the blog…




  3. A dwarf lilac tree? That is so cool! Lilac’s are my favorite!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement too! That is very exciting news! When will the wedding be?

  4. Thank god! I can only keep a secret for a week and that ring thing was killing me! I mean, I’m very, very happy for both of you. You go together like all sorts of wonderful things that go together. Needles and yarn, code and computers. Congratulations!

  5. So tacky. But not as tacky as burying the lede under a “read more” on a Post-WASTE Jeaun post.

    Congratulations you guys. This is big time happy.

  6. It may sound odd, but you can totally tell from the use of “effing” that Sonya is really excited! Congratulations and Woo-hoo! I’m sure Jason is pretty psyched too.

  7. Jeez, I’ve seen you how many times since this post! Congrats! I’ll have to knit you something nuptual. (you know after I learn how to knit and stuff…)

  8. Holy fuckin’ a. First I find out that Paul Thompson is engaged, then I find out that Jeremy Koch is engaged, and now I find out that Sonya Green is engaged. What is happening in our world today?!?

    Congratulations–I’m thrilled for you and want to meet this guy of yours sometime soon.

  9. Crazy–Emma had a psychic moment and thought that if you were engaged you’d post it on your blog. So she checked. Saw that you were, then emailed me!! Where would we be without these computer thingys, eh?

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See how becoming a hot librarian leads to great things? Give Jason a great big hug for me…then have him give you one for me. It’ll be a little hug fest. I know you like those.


  10. Wadsworth. Congrats. I can’t explain how I found this blog. But good to see that life is good for you. I think you may have been engaged at about the same time Wes & Leanne exchanged vows in Italy.

  11. Might as well jump on the bandwagon and wish you the happiest of congratulations! Seriously. You two are wonderful together and I’m so incredibly happy for you. Out of the blue this evening, I thought to myself, “I wonder what Sonya is up to…” and then remembered your blog, went to your old lj for the link, and voila! I am presented with this lovely news.

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