“Do you want me to be your wife?”


Once upon a time, there was a forward-thinking girl named Sunday. She had found a kick-ass beau named Wadsbone via nerve.com. They were living in Fine Cham-PAN-ya, and happy as proverbial clams.

They knew that they’d be perfectly content to continue being on the same team, and Sunday decided that she’d have more success proposing and finding rings and such. (She was picky about her accessories.) So Sunday scoured the lands looking for a ring for Wadsbone. She found a neato ring with roman numerals on it, and bid on it.

She also googled the words “‘roman numeral’ ring” (because she’s a librarian) to see what other neato rings were out there. She found a ring with a better font on overstock.com. The ring sizes were 1/4 different, so she purchased the overstock one too – thinking that if one didn’t fit, the other would.

The rings came in the mail, and Sunday hid them away in the office (a scary place Wadsbone never entered). The overstock ring box had slots for both rings, so she put them together for safekeeping.

Finals week came, and Sunday became very busy getting her work done, and became very stressed out. Sunday was tired of hiding the rings, and all the plans she had come up with to propose just wouldn’t work. The weather had been terribly windy and cold, and it was simply not safe to climb trees and propose.

Sunday was both stressed out about classes, and nervous and excited to ask Wadsbone to be on her team permanently. She even cried when she figured out her summer schedule. Sunday and Wadsbone went to dinner at the Thai place two blocks away, then came home.

Sunday’s tummy hurt. She was so nervous about proposing to Wadsbone that all the things she wanted to say left her mind. Sitting on the couch, Sunday pulled out the ring box and mutely handed it to Wadsy.


Finally, after opening the box, puzzling over the contents, and not getting any help from Sunday (who was hiding behind a pillow), Wadsbone figured it out. “Do you want me to be your wife?”

Sunday nodded without saying anything, and continued to hide. Wadsbone laughed and hugged Sunday. He asked which ring was for her.

“They’re both for you!”, said Sunday.

Wadsbone was again confused. Sunday had to explain the ebay/overstock issue, and Wadsbone tried on both rings.

Neither really fit, and the metal was too thick for Wadsbone to be prestidigitous. Sunday gave Wadsbone the ring she had been wearing for the past five years (which was too big for her, but she wore anyway), and it fit Wadsbone perfectly.


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  1. Kate says:

    So sweet and so perfectly Sonya and Jasony! Yay!

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