Let’s play “Where’s Sonya?”

Let’s play "Where’s Sonya?", originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Can you guess? If you happen to read my Twitter (also referred to as
‘microblogging’ on the sidebar here, you’ll deduce that I’m at a book
conference, in Charleston, SC.

I pinch hit for Abby (who’s sick) by booking a flight then getting on
said flight yesterday.

My talk was on what LibraryThing is, and about social cataloging. I
think it was good – passable. I think it could be great if I get to
practice it more than once.

  1. I thought the presentation went well despite initial laptop problems and the guy talking on his cell to your far left. Did you hear him?

  2. How could I not hear him? I had an internal conversation that went something like this:
    “Oh, maybe he needs to quick tell someone he’s in a talk.”
    “Nope, he’s still talking.”
    “Well, I could halt everything and say something like ‘Hey, buddy, why don’t you take it outside?’ or I could ignore him. I’ll ignore him.”

    Then, he was shushed good and proper by surrounding librarians.

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