Your virtual blog-sent Christmas letter

Dear So-and-so,

Well, another year is tucked firmly into the ol’ manila envelope. Because you know me, you understand why I think you want to hear about my year.

Boy, there have been a lot of changes around here! Last year this time I was waking up in the dark to NPR voices saying “six more were killed in Fallujah today” in that NPR-British accent, crying, then moping my way to the train that would take me to the corporate hellhole.

Since then, I dazzled (or spazzled) my way into grad school. In July Jason and I went on a sweet sweet roadtrip which included some quality time in New Orleans. This comes up later.

Round about the end of July, I moved out of my apartment, gave up my cat (named Katrina – mere weeks before the hideous natural disaster, which I feel is entirely my fault), and moved down to Champaign, IL.

I have a whole semester of grad school under my belt, and I finally feel I’m back on the overly lucky track of yore. I love grad school, I love learning about library crap, and I love that in a mere year, I’ll be done.

So, in case you’re skimming, life is good. I’m doing well, and you shouldn’t worry about me.

I’m stuck in the Chemistry Library today, but then I go home for a full bonanza of family happiness, then off to DC and NC for a fabulous, East Coast New Years where I get to hang out with friends and see family I miss dearly. (Molly! Tommy Vu! I’m coming!)

Not that I’ve posted a lot this semester (due to my enjoying my work and being busy during the day, and having other creative outlets), but it may be a bit sparse between now and the new year (which I’ve again promised myself I will not make into a terrible joke, every time I see someone – “Well, I guess I’ll see you next YEAR … guffaw, guffaw.”)

Have a stellar rest-of-the-year. I miss you terribly.
L o v e ,
S o n y a

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