Famoose II

Summer Blast

As you well know, I have had my first brush with science fame. Having been forced into*, and hating, the Invention Convention as a child, I am smugly linking to an article written about a camper I worked with when I was a Girl Scout camp counselor. I can tell you right off that this kid was super cool, and, more importantly, super game. She’d freaking try anything. I respect that. I respect that a lot.

Anyway, in the picture I have bad camp-hair, but the shirt I’m wearing has my camp name** on the back of it, and glows in the dark. It’s too bad that even though nasa.gov has my full name in it, you still get a self-help author or soft-core fan-pr0n when you google me. Better than having a name-doppelganger who goes by “Moonie” and loves dolphins.

*Not parental fault. They are only responsible for the “snowsuit incident”, and my eyesight.

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