An open letter to Joe Mohan

Dear Joe Mohan,

I have a problem, and I know that the best person to talk about this to is you. I was at the thrift store this weekend, and I bought a velour hoodie from H&M. I’m not sure if the burnt orange color is right for me. It’s a good cut, and it’s definitely more feminine than most hoodies I wear, which makes it a plus. Do I a) look good in burn orange, and b) keep the hoodie because even an unflattering color is better than looking like a 13-year-old-boy, unintentionally?

  1. Sounds like a pretty good score. Take the hoodie and run, I say! And come autumn, the color will be a huge asset. And, if your and Jason’s weight gain continues, you can use the hoodie to cover your huge ass! Zing!

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