Hey – you know what’s not a good idea? Shoving metal into your old piercing hole without a large tube of Neosporin around. It was cute for a day, and then it got unhappy. So it’s out again, Mom.
I posted the first seven completed swatches I knit for the master program on Flickr. I also posted the pictures I took of the yarn I Koolaid dyed. It was really easy – and all the pigment was sucked into the yarn,
leaving the water clear. That was my favorite part.

Feel free to post a comment about the swatches,
if ye have any knitting expertise. That means not you, Jake. You are to only make knitting puns.

Echo the CounselorDid I ever tell you about the time I was a Girl Scout camp counselor for Camp Little Cloud in Epworth,
Iowa? NASA had just discovered that the astronauts they were going to be recruiting for a Mars trip were approximately 9-11 years old, and pushed a big science/math initiative. I was trained by NASA scientists/educators on how to teach neat Mars/space/planet facts to kids. The photo is from our big field day. I was in charge of the baking soda/vinegar volcano that also doubled as a multi-layered, multi-colored homemade playdough mountain that we took rainbowalicious core samples of with straws!

Now I get NASA calling me on the horn all the time for model release forms so they can publish photos for educational material.

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