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Tank Girl doula

I’m using Spotify to pump music into my ears as I work. Lots of music is at my fingertips, and I’ve been using free association to choose what to listen to next. I found myself realizing I NEEDED to listen to the Tank Girl soundtrack (as it is my favorite movie of all time, or maybe second to Beetlejuice).

And then I remembered the time I was in the natal ward of the hospital, having given birth the previous day. Our post-partum doula came to meet us and we were chatting. I mentioned my favorite movie was Tank Girl, and she said, “Oh, I have a song on that soundtrack.”

THAT’S RIGHT. My post-partum doula was Tanya Donelly. I was already high on mama hormones, but that was just an awesome feeling. My daughter is being ushered into the world with two awesome parents, and a member of Belly. Perfect.

That’s Tanya modeling the mobi wrap, and me looking skeptical about the whole thing.

If you think Tanya’s music is great, you should see her be a doula. She rocks.

Hey, thanks, internet!

In the past 24 hours, I’ve discovered three new examples of other sites using my Flickr photos:
What Are the Causes of Excessive Chronic Flatulence?
: That’s actually a post-Thanksgiving meal, not IBS.
Difference Between Instant Yeast & Active Dry Yeast: that’s my photo of loaves of bread and granola I had made.
And yesterday’s TSA To Save Print Media? No Electronics On International Flights? What A Joke.

Crohn’s Disease vs. Gastric Tuberculosis
Zombie Authors Threaten Fiction Ebook Market, from the Grave! Know the rules: Nonprofits in an election year

I’m a deadly weapon!

So, because I had done the research and data collection to know when I was ovulating, I started peeing on sticks mere days after, uh, conception. (Talking about sex in general is easy for me – talking about a specific instance is somehow embarrassing. Funny.)

My friend Dr. Kim explained that she bought just the replacement sticks, online, because they’re super cheap. She even gave me her leftovers, after she made her own bundle of joy (baby photos here). I bought more, from the same place (, although the site seems to be down) since they were so super cheap.*

Having cheap and plentiful pregnancy tests meant I could test obsessively. I tried my best not to. I learned that the test looks for a hormone that is produced after the fertilized egg attaches to your uterus (before that, it’s there, but free floating), which can take a while. I kept the stick peeing to a minimum, maybe once every two days.

I now know that the first sign of pregnancy I had was sore breasts, which is unfortunately also a sign of oncoming menstruation. So, totally unhelpful.

The first not-normal thing that I noticed to me was the crazy-intense cramping I started having. Usually at night, only on my left side, it was a stabbing pain low in my abdomen that would last about 10 minutes at a time and occur maybe four times a day. As someone who’s never really had bad cramps, I assumed this was not normal. I gave it a couple of days, but on the third night, when a bout lasted a half hour, I woke Jason up sobbing “this is not OK, I want to go to the doctor tomorrow”. He was alarmed, probably due to the waking-up-to-your-wife-sobbing-at-you factor, and agreed readily.

In the morning, I called my doctor. (I love my doctor, by the way. If you live in the greater Boston area, she’s Dr. Nancy Akbari.) She wondered if it was “GI related”, which I mentally translated as “fart related”, because it was lower abdomen, on the left side. I assured her that it was unrelated to gas. I told her that I was maybe, possibly pregnant, and she decided I should come in. Lower abdomen pain on one side can mean ectopic pregnancy, which is dangerous. (She was doubtful of this too, because you start getting the pain from an ectopic pregnancy later than I thought I was pregnant, but didn’t want to chance it.) I peed on a stick before I left, hoping that a positive test would mean there wasn’t something wrong with me. No luck.

I went in to the office. She said that they’d do a pregnancy pee test. If it was positive, it was probably just normal pregnancy pain. If it was negative, they’d do a pregnancy blood test, just to make sure. If both were negative, then she’s start to worry about ovarian cysts and such.

So, what I learned that day is the pregnancy test they have at my doctor’s office is more sensitive than the ones I was peeing on at home. It’s funny to say, because it’s so clichéd, but I made the nurse repeat herself when she said it was positive.

Then I had an immediate adrenaline rush. I felt my face flush red, a rarity. So, that was that. Nothing was wrong, I was just pregnantohmygod.

It was a gorgeous day, and as I walked back to the train station, I called both my parents at work. I’m not a very good secret keeper, and I was just too excited, overjoyed, and full of adrenaline to not share. My mom made an eeeeeeeee noise. It was very cute.

Long before, Jason had joked that the only way he wanted to know if I was ever pregnant was to come home to find me knitting booties. As I couldn’t wait until he came home (six hours is a long time when you made a baby with someone), I once again turned to technology. I sat down in front of my MacBook Pro, and shot a quick video of me slowly turning around in my chair, to reveal a baby booty on needles. I sent it to his email, with a subject like OMG OPEN THIS RIGHT NOW.

So, that’s how I discovered I was pregnant. The stabby thing happened once or twice more, then went away for good.

Next, I’ll tell you all about pregnancy nausea, otherwise known as “morning sickne

*I still have some pregnancy sticks. If anyone wants them, email me.

A friend left a comment on one of my Flickr photos to let me know that Technocrunch was using my photo in a story entitled “TSA To Save Print Media? No Electronics On International Flights? What A Joke.”

Awesome! Just goes to show,
tagging is important. I assume they found my photo using one of its tags: iPhone kindle flying plane Wodehouse

Famous for my cake wreck spotting

Abby introduced me to Cake Wrecks, which is the Go Fug Yourself of cake design. (Wow, that’s niché, isn’t it?)

A few weeks ago, I went to an All Tomorrows Parties music festival near Monticello, NY. While at the grocery store there, I spotted a wreck of a cupcake. Being the dutiful documenter that I am, I snapped a picture, and sent it in. Who can resist the mocking of a porn-‘stache-wearing, cookie-choked Cookie Monster?

And so, I have made it onto Cake Wrecks. Huzzah. Now, on to my next goal: Cute Overload. I need to take one million more pictures of my cat.

Fighting fire with fire … I mean hunger with cookies.

Last week I posted about walking in the 40th Annual Walk for Hunger, and basically asking friends to kick in a little cash in my fundraising efforts (which are awkward at best).

This week, I decided that I needed to kick it up a notch. I’ve always had a problem with fundraising, ever since my days of Girl Scouts. I’ve made peace with this by pulling myself into the thing I know best.


This is just what I can do with bread. Just imagine the cookies.

Yeah, I said it. If you donate, any amount at all, I’ll send you a batch of my great grandma Bertha’s amazing oatmeal raisin or my extraordinary great aunt Gertrude’s chocolate chip cookies. It’s the only way I know how to raise money, so I’m doing it up GS style.

I’m trying to raise $1,000 to help hungry people, and I’m (as of this posting) 27% done. I hate asking for money, but I also hate world hunger, so this helps to solve both.

AND, if you donate $20 or more, I’ll also send you the zine I’m making about the whole thing, with both cookie recipes. (The only stipulation is that you refer to them as great-grandma Bertha’s or great-aunt Gertrude’s recipe.)

Now, who wants some effing cookies?

PLA pals

So hey, I’m going to PLA.

What does that mean?

I’m going to be in Minneapolis from March 25th-30th. If you’re going to PLA, or live in Minneapolis, let me know so we can hang out.

My bucket runneth over

I can’t tell you enough how much I’m loving my job. Right now the reason is that I like attention, and I’m getting it. Today Tim introduced me (and the other newish employee Chris) to the world on LibraryThing blog.

Sub-happiness comes from two of the four comments so far being from friends who are also LibraryThing geeks.

Tertiary happiness comes from getting Tim to use the term ‘bucket of sunshine’ (albeit with a disclaimer) to describe me.

OK, also, I look totally cute in the picture. Thanks to Abby and her iPhone for the hott picture.

Letterboxing in the News

My friend Laura and I were featured in the Standard Times for our letterboxing adventures. They sent a couple of photogs out with us while we went on a hunt, and the article showed up in Sunday’s paper.

(In the article, you have to click on ‘Photo 1 of 8’, which displays lots of photos of us.)

This weekend Laura and I (and the men we are legally bound with) went out to the cape for LOTS of sushi (there was a mistake with the order, so they brought more) and a big letterboxing event where we found 13 boxes using only blacklights and our wits.

This weekend I also worked on the second level of the Master Knitter program, made a photo display clippy-thing (pics to come), and went on a fabulous crispy fall walk with friends and dogs.

I’m feeling very energetic, and I hope that the combination of cool weather and hot chocolate is a mighty team that will keep me sane through the winter.