Letterboxing in the News

My friend Laura and I were featured in the Standard Times for our letterboxing adventures. They sent a couple of photogs out with us while we went on a hunt, and the article showed up in Sunday’s paper.

(In the article, you have to click on ‘Photo 1 of 8’, which displays lots of photos of us.)

This weekend Laura and I (and the men we are legally bound with) went out to the cape for LOTS of sushi (there was a mistake with the order, so they brought more) and a big letterboxing event where we found 13 boxes using only blacklights and our wits.

This weekend I also worked on the second level of the Master Knitter program, made a photo display clippy-thing (pics to come), and went on a fabulous crispy fall walk with friends and dogs.

I’m feeling very energetic, and I hope that the combination of cool weather and hot chocolate is a mighty team that will keep me sane through the winter.

10 Responses to “Letterboxing in the News”

  1. Keem says:

    One: I want to letterbox.
    Two: Your hair is too cute.
    Three: “Mrs. Green”
    Four: I can’t wait to see you in mere days.

  2. sunday says:

    Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Mrs. Green, heh. I guess I did tell her I was married. Stupid patriarchal society.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I loved the pictures. And I rather loathed the *Mrs. Green* bit. First, it’s not really accurate, since Green is your maiden name. Your mom would be Mrs. Green. And second, it feels old-fashioned in a newspaper to use “Mrs.” I think newspapers should stick to “Mr.,” “Ms.” and “Dr.” Easy, simple and you don’t have to pry into women’s personal lives just to figure out how to address them. (At my old paper, though, they wouldn’t let us use “Dr.” for Ph.D.s, like Cory. So she was “Ms. Johnson” in the paper, which was also wrong.)

    Frankly, I feel like you should have just been Sonya. Forget the whole last name convention in papers. Like Cher or Yanni or the Pope — just Sonya. One awesome name stands alone.

  4. sunday says:

    I agree. What format are they following anyway? Ye Olde AP?

    I emailed the journalist and let her know, as another article is being published this week on my current reading list.

  5. Julia says:

    Go you! And look at that fabulous Rogue. 😉 Which I still need to knit. You’re working on becoming a Master Knitter? Wow! I’m inspired. =) Good for you.

  6. Julia says:

    Looks like my smiley is making a sarcastic, squinty face there. It’s supposed to be winking! But assume it’s smiling, I really do like your Rogue.

  7. A says:

    How cute are you?!?? I love your hair, I love the Rogue, and now I love letterboxing. Must investigate further…

  8. Miss E says:

    Your hair is v cute!

  9. erin says:

    yay! i’m so late to comment, they’ve already taken all the good comments. totally cute hair, totally impressive sweater. :o)

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