Fighting fire with fire … I mean hunger with cookies.

Last week I posted about walking in the 40th Annual Walk for Hunger, and basically asking friends to kick in a little cash in my fundraising efforts (which are awkward at best).

This week, I decided that I needed to kick it up a notch. I’ve always had a problem with fundraising, ever since my days of Girl Scouts. I’ve made peace with this by pulling myself into the thing I know best.


This is just what I can do with bread. Just imagine the cookies.

Yeah, I said it. If you donate, any amount at all, I’ll send you a batch of my great grandma Bertha’s amazing oatmeal raisin or my extraordinary great aunt Gertrude’s chocolate chip cookies. It’s the only way I know how to raise money, so I’m doing it up GS style.

I’m trying to raise $1,000 to help hungry people, and I’m (as of this posting) 27% done. I hate asking for money, but I also hate world hunger, so this helps to solve both.

AND, if you donate $20 or more, I’ll also send you the zine I’m making about the whole thing, with both cookie recipes. (The only stipulation is that you refer to them as great-grandma Bertha’s or great-aunt Gertrude’s recipe.)

Now, who wants some effing cookies?

  1. Homemade goodies *and* family recipes? You can believe that got me donating.

    You had me at “cookie.”

    (And I’ll tell you what … if you can scare up the prenatal pictures you took of me ‘n my belly back in fall of ’05 so that I can have your photographic genius to enjoy for all of posterity, I’ll double my contribution. Game on! 🙂

  2. Upside: film is safe, and I know where it is.
    Downside: I’m not sure. There’s no reason why I can’t get this taken care of!

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