My bucket runneth over

I can’t tell you enough how much I’m loving my job. Right now the reason is that I like attention, and I’m getting it. Today Tim introduced me (and the other newish employee Chris) to the world on LibraryThing blog.

Sub-happiness comes from two of the four comments so far being from friends who are also LibraryThing geeks.

Tertiary happiness comes from getting Tim to use the term ‘bucket of sunshine’ (albeit with a disclaimer) to describe me.

OK, also, I look totally cute in the picture. Thanks to Abby and her iPhone for the hott picture.

  1. I’m very jealous of your new gig.

    I noticed that job-opening on librarything and thought to myself, if only I was done my MLIS, I’d apply for sure. It just so happens that in my information entrepreneurship class, I’m modelling a website start-up that’s not unlike librarything, so I end up thinking about book information a lot.

    Anyway, the fact that I saw that job opening, coveted it, and also follow your blog (of the many many blogs out there), is kind of a cool internet coincidence. Librarians, FTW.

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