Richard, what kind of mittens do you want?

The regular stockinette kind, or felted?

Now that part of my job is to be hyper-organized, my brain has started clicking along those lines. I’m finally reading “Getting Things Done” (GTD)* and I’ve reinstitute rememberthemilk to keep track of the bits of spizz that come up while I’m working that I want to remember, but don’t want to deal with at the time.

I was reading a comment Richard left on my post about knitting mittens for reformed smokers, and decided that I wanted to knit the man some mittens. My brain clicked into GTD mode, and without actively thinking about the best place to note this or that adding it to rememberthemilk would probably result in me forgetting about it, thought to myself “OK, I need to add this to my Ravelry queue.

Stickies alone don’t do it, rememberthemilk alone doesn’t do it, and a tiny notebook alone doesn’t do it. I’m discovering that I need all of these thing, and I need to be aware of what kind of information should go in them.

*I’ve always felt weird about the part where I link to the book I’m blogging about. The first Google hit is always Amazon, and I feel trashy throwing them that particular bone. It just now occurred to me that if I link to LibraryThing, I’m providing useful information about the tome (reviews, tags, etc) but also if you happen to be logged in, you can see where to buy/swap/borrow it.

  1. I was just kidding about the mittens, but if it means advancing you Ravelry queue I’ll happily accept a pair. I’m afraid I’m pretty mitten ignorant and don’t know what kind of mittens to ask for. I do know that I have one or two more of these mid-western winters to survive!

    p.s. I’ve regularly been using links for when citing books. Not as crass as linking directly to Amazon, tells you where the nearest library holding is, and if not then you can go to Amazon. It would be swell if this was integrated with LT4L (Worldcat Thing?). (I think OCLC presented something at mid-winter about a more social Worldcat at Midwinter)

    p.p.s. I still have your Coraline!

  2. Yes, I’ve been learning about the more social Worldcat (but much like an Outsidecat likes to be outside, Worldcats are not inherently friendly. You have to let them smell your hand), and it seems that the problem with the tagging and reviews on Worldcat is that there won’t be enough people putting in the time to add enough data to make it viable.

    Um, unlike LibraryThing.

    Richard, I’ll just knit you some sweet mittens.

  3. I’ve been linking to LT from my blog for a while now. I agree that WorldCat is another nice non-Amazon option, but I like the tag cloud and other social data that’s available on LT.

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