It’s 1956!

When was the last time you could purchase a turkey sandwich, a piece of pie, and a glass of milk for $3.45? I must admit, the sub-par pie is 26% more disappointing because it’s pecan and it’s hard to mess up pecan pie. The fact remains that it is still pecan pie, and I am still happily shoving it into my mouth. I can eat a balanced meal (wait- check: grains, dairy, meat, veggies, yup) every day for less than it would cost to purchase the materials. Blessed be, industrialization!

A nutritious and delicious lunch does not balance the suspicion I’m harboring of the time-honored tradition to make the new person your lackey. I have a feeling I will get none of the credit for the comprehensive briefing I put together, ironically, on how Abbott is affected by blogging. Here I am, smack dab in the middle of LiveJournal, doing just what they fear.

Since it’s Friday, even the heavy load of Abbott-related blogs can’t keep me down. Lena is coming to visit, and I can’t wait to have a refreshing and fun time with her. I hope it’s nice enough for us to go to the park and swing. I really want swing, and I bet I can make her. I’ll give her for a neat piece of paper, and she’ll totally do it.

I have a tummy full of milk, and the work day is 3.5/8 done.