I knew I made it when I saw the crab salad.

If I were dating Abbott, I would begin to think that this was just a fling. Passive/agressive; mixed signals; long sighs are making me wonder if Abbott is really into this relationship. I'm not even an actual employee, for ???'s sake.

I get pampered with a 3rd Quarter Earnings Statement catered lunch, but Abbott doesn't call me back after I leave him the voicemail message about holiday plans. Did I scare him away? Did I come on too strong asking about next year, a presumption about my assumptions about us?

Sometimes I think Abbott doesn't even remember that I exist. We've been together for a month now, and I'm just not getting the attention I expected. Sure, I'm thrown side projects and the occasional copy to edit, but this feels like I'm being thrown a bone. Will Abbott drag this out till we're both ready to quit it, or will I get dumped after the 4th Quarter Earnings Statement rush?

"Honey, I love you- I do. I just want to know what you're thinking. Are you going to still want to hang out after Christmas break?"

I feel whiney when I ask if I'll be re-contracted in '05. I really have no complaints otherwise. I'm being paid well enough to deal with the vague job, but I like knowing what's going on.

My ability to go from loyal supporter to jumping ship is one I've proudly cultured during the past few years. Don't make me flex.