Have you ever covertly knit?

Since it’s Friday, even the heavy load of Abbott-related blogs can’t keep me down. Lena is coming to visit, and I can’t wait to have a refreshing and fun time with her. I hope it’s nice enough for us to go to the park and swing. I really want swing, and I bet I can make her. I’ll give her for a neat piece of paper, and she’ll totally do it.

I have a tummy full of milk, and the work day is 3.5/8 done.
I'm sitting at my cubicle. I have a sock on two straight needles nestled down by my side in my chair. I have a 'secretary' cubical,
which means there's a ledge at chest level instead of the cover of the regular cubical panel.

I have little work to do, and yesterday I spend all my downtime using the computer. I figured no one could blame me if I at least <i>looked</i> busy. After playing three hours of Flash-driven Tetris, I bleared my way home. Today I came armed with knitting.

How can I knit on the clock? I convinced myself that if I wear these mittens home, it was a necessary endeavor.

Don't look at me like that.