Come work with me, and LibraryThing!

LibraryThing, my kick-ass jobbity, is looking for a few new people.

In fact, they’re offering $1000 worth of books to whomever finds them a new employee! So, think about who you know who fills any of these spots:
* Hacker. We’re looking for PHP hacker, JavaScript genius and library-data experience. We hope we get two of three.
* Graphic designer/user-experience guru. Experience designing for data-rich sites like LibraryThing a must.
* Brainy, overworked assistant. Smart, flexible, organized, relentless—willing to do both high-level (strategic analysis) and low-level (send-out-these-CueCats) work. The job is non-technical, but you need to be super-comfortable around computers.

The catch? They need to live around Portland … Maine. I love going there – it’s a gorgeous town, and it’s less expensive than going to work for a high-profile .com in Boston (let me tell you). Boston is a two hours away by train, and these people get to work with ME! What could be better?

  1. If only I lived in Maine! (Oh, wait.)

    If only I lived near Portland! (And didn’t already have a better-paying job!)

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