Babyville, Iowa

Sonya in Iowa City

I’m at the Java Hut in downtown Iowa City, working. I worked a little this afternoon, but mostly spent time with my sister and her new baby Felix. He’s so so so tiny (16-days-old tiny). I don’t know that I’ve seen such a tiny baby in a long time. Maybe since my brother and sister came home from the hospital, which was nearly 26 years ago.

My sister isn’t big on photos being on the internet, so I’m respecting her wishes. I do plan on asking her if once we take a really nice portrait, she’ll let me post it. She may say no, so don’t get your hopes up, internet friends.

  1. I don’t think she’d mind. I’m taking some nice photos with my ‘real’ camera, so I’ll have those available for friends and family. I guess you just have to agree to not put them on the open web.

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