Lucky Dog (and cat)

Lucky Dog Organics
My friend Michele has been busting her ass to start a responsible, sustainable, organic pet store. She’s succeeded, and now you can go bask in the joy that is Lucky Dog Organics! Michele has the wise combination of an eye for cute aesthetics, and a firm view on what’s actually good for your animal.

I can tell you firsthand that Stellaaa loves the bonito flakes.

We’re holding off giving Ms. Physics VonBarf her cake, since she seems to TOTALLY FREAK OUT about catnip.

Catnip carrot cake

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5 Responses to “Lucky Dog (and cat)”

  1. Miss E says:

    Maybe she could sell your mice!

  2. sunday says:

    I wasn’t going to mention it, but that’s a plan. Reclaimed cotton, organic filler, and 100% crazy cat fun.

    Maybe I should study the physics of cat toys. It’s mystifying how much cats love the mice toys I made.

  3. Bella says:


    Sonya, many thanks for the nod! Tell all your friends that if they order before October 31…then get 10% off for being phat like that… yo. (I get by on my good doggie looks…not my grasp of hip human lingo) Just have them enter “Stellaaa” (that is 3 a’s) at check out time!


    C.E.O. (Chicken Eating Officer)
    Lucky Dog Organics

  4. sunday says:

    Oh, Bella, you’re such a flatterer. Stellaaa will love knowing she’s famous. I’ll go tell her right now… (goes and uses cat-sign-language).

  5. E says:

    I like that this is tagged with both Stella and Stellaaa

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