All Tommorrows Sleep-overs

All Tommorrows Sleep-overs, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Everywhere interesting to take a picture is too dark. I’m at an All
Tomorrows Parties curated music fest at a built-in-the-70s-creepy,
dilapidated resort near Monticello, NY. Jason and the male half of
Sparkleyforks are watching Dinosaur Jr. I’ve seen Thurston Moore,
Edan, Shellac, The Drones, Harmonia, Autolux, Mogwai, Bob Moyld, EPDM,
Trail of Dead, and a blur of others. I left Dinosaur Jr early in
exchange for a bit of knitting time before this chocolate cake wears
off and I crash in bed.I’m going to totally miss My Bloody Valentine,
but that’s OK. Jason promised to wake me up for the 1:30 showing of
the 1960 French horror film “Eyes Without a Face”. We’ll see if I
actually get up and go.

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