Altruism foiled again.

In high school, my sister and I started this thing where we’d knit mittens for any of our friends who quit smoking. It was a small gesture, but symbolic. Smoking with mittens on is not easy, and can end with melted acrylic or scorched wool. I’ve knit dozens of pairs of mittens for friends, and I’d like to think it helped just a little.

I was bummed out to see that I’ve been foiled.

  1. sonya. yet again, you are co opting a childhood memory in which I did something (knit mittens for people who quit smoking) and then remember it as you somehow being involved. We did not do that together. Maybe you kopykatted, but no no, it did not happen as you remember. grr.

  2. OK, I have to say, lots and lots of memories I have are nearly false. Also, I readily admit that my little sister gave me most of my inspiration and music taste.

    But geez, sisters don’t have to get so cranky.

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