I don’t seem to be a very good voter. There was the great debacle of 2004, and now again I have found out that by moving too much and not keeping track of the whatsits and whosits, I can’t vote tomorrow.

This weekend I moved. I live in the same state I did before I moved. I just didn’t let the election people know. I can drive back to my old city and vote there (and 4 hours in the car), or just throw my hands up, again.

On the upside, this is just the primary. I shall have my docudrama in order for the biggie.

  1. Yeah we screwed this one up too. We could go back to RI, but that’s not till March 4, when we’ll probably be registered here in New Home.
    I do hope my preferred candidate takes it, because I do think it will make a diff for the big one. Hope the big(ger) city treats you well.

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