I don’t seem to be a very good voter. There was the great debacle of 2004, and now again I have found out that by moving too much and not keeping track of the whatsits and whosits, I can’t vote tomorrow.

This weekend I moved. I live in the same state I did before I moved. I just didn’t let the election people know. I can drive back to my old city and vote there (and 4 hours in the car), or just throw my hands up, again.

On the upside, this is just the primary. I shall have my docudrama in order for the biggie.

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  1. MatC says:

    Yeah we screwed this one up too. We could go back to RI, but that’s not till March 4, when we’ll probably be registered here in New Home.
    I do hope my preferred candidate takes it, because I do think it will make a diff for the big one. Hope the big(ger) city treats you well.

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