Anything to not get effing hit by a car

Maybe that should be a new category. I keep my eye out for bike-related safety stuff. Ever since I crashed, I’ve been WAY more focused on the safety side of things.

Via Marylaine (of course), I found a forum site called TransportTrends. Within it, I found a post about Safe Turn bicycle indicators. They’re little blinky LEDs you strap to your wrists, which don’t blink until you lift your arm to signal your turn.

I like this idea. Kind of like the SpokePOV Jason’s going to make for me, it’s a flashy way to be visible. I don’t want Safe Turn lights specifically. I think I’d prefer to have $1 LEDs on elastic that blink the whole time – it’s way more raver.

  1. Hi there.

    I see that you were friends with Kevin Brunelle. Would you happen to know when his birthday was? I dated him and was friends with him at Keene and I’d really like to know when his bday was. I’m pretty sure it was 10/16, but I cannot remember. Thank you so much!

    Trish Kennedy

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