Broken wing

I need to build a lightbox to display the sweet x-ray film I have of my clavicle.

broken wing

This is the second x-ray taken of me. The first, at the emergency room, showed the bone broken but basically in shape. At some point (I shrugged a little) it disaligned. This is what it looks like now, but smoothed over with new bone growth. The jagged parts are filled in with my internally-created spackle. You can only kind of see the bump, although it’s easily felt.

Next time you see me, ask to touch it. It’s neat.

I got my bike out yesterday, and fixed it. I need to buy a new helmet, and I’ll start biking to work again. I’m sure I’ll bike slower, at least for a while.

  1. Dude, that’s like hardcore.

    That would make awesome cover art for your first album. Yes, You May Touch My Nifty Clavicle Spackle Bump by fresh new recording artist S-Dub. Featuring the hit single “Gotcha.”

  2. Spackle Bump sound suspiciously like a White Stripes album. I think my hit single will sound a lot like Jenna’s hit single “Muffin Top” on 30 Rock.

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