Weekend update

Last weekend I played with the Toe Jam Puppet Band at the Charlestown, RI Seafood Festival. It was delicious.

This is during the song “Carwash”, and I’m about to spray the crowd with those squirtbottles.

Then, this week I bought a new camera. After much discussion and research, I bought a Nikon D40. What’s the first thing you take a picture of when you get a new camera?

She was a sport about the whole thing.

So was he.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been Foetoegirl (my other, other alter ego), and I’m excited at the prospect of this newfangled digital camera technology. I realized as I was shooting today that not only can I go ahead and think in color (I shot mostly black and white before), but I can SEE the picture after I take it, and if it’s not exactly what I wanted to capture, I can still go in and make changes to it using Photoshop. It’s a whole new world compared to my Minolta SRT 201. I pulled out my camera bag, and it’s dusty. I think Foetoegirl was in hiding.

My secret goal here is to get my photographer eye back, and start dabbling in pro stuff again. After a long conversation with Jason about what my photo professor in college thought I could do, I decided that a goal for the next few years is to work up to shooting some weddings. No, no – not being a wedding photographer like the boring photography stuff. I mean more like a documentary style. Hip stuff. I did it for Stephanie M’s wedding, and it was really satisfying. Dr. Kim is getting married soon, and I made her let me do the same for her. Mwah ha ha.

  1. It’s true. Having Sonya take black and white photos of our wedding was one of the very best decisions I made. Several of her photos now adorn the walls at my house and my parents’ house. She is seriously talented. (Hmm, am I supposed to refer to Sonya in the second or third person when commenting on the blog? To be on the safe side:) Sonya, you are seriously talented.

  2. Hey. Cool Camera… I think Hannah has that one too. Did you know that old Nikon lenses fit on it? good deal for ebay shoppers.

  3. This husband bought a D40 and promptly took numerous pictures the cat . . . fucking diva of a cat!

  4. I bought one too! Kate and I were fed up with the shitty pictures from my Canon SD100. There’s a baby to be documented goddammit!

    I had been doing some research too, when I saw that your research took you in the same direction I had been looking, I was heartened. Then, at the Bowerbirds show, I asked Mohito what he thought about the D40 and before he could answer MRP said HE just bought one too. So we went out to the Cadillac of minivans and gave it a spin.

    Yes nasty. Sold.

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