Happy belated New Year

Happy Ocho, everyone. Don’t you just love 2008? It’s so … round-y.

New Years splash

Jason and I went to Holden Beach to hang out with friends and play a lot of whiffleball. (I got MVP.) At some point I decided it would be a good idea to get a bottle of champagne for the express purpose of dumping it on my own head. It’s semi-baptismal, it’s like christening a ship, and spizzy.

Since Jason was there, he got it too. (He MUST have seen it coming. I’d been talking about it for days.) It was so much bubbly as it was brisk. Next time, I won’t use chilled champagne.

I made the resolution to always carry a Sharpie with me, and Jason and I together agreed that we’d like to spend New Years 2009 knowing that we’d be living in the same place in the new year.

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