Most satisfying gifting yet

Actually, all the gifting I’ve done for “the holidays” has been pretty great, if I do say so myself.

I got Jason a soldering iron, so he can make me this. I got my sister a FutureBike (once she moves, I’ll buy her a bike). I sent gift certificates to my siblings for their birthdays (it says “I love you, but you get to choose”).

The best, though, is the gift we’re sending the niecefews (aside: is there a gender-neutral word for a sibling’s children?) is something I heard about during (library science) grad school – the One Laptop per Child nonprofit. They’ve figured out a way to make a sturdy (you can dunk it in water), useful (you can view it in sunlight), childfriendly (small keyboard/rabbit-y looking antenna) laptop for the smallest amount of money possible, so they can be distributed to children who otherwise will never get to become computer literate.

one laptop per child

Right now (I’m not sure for how long), they’re offering to let you buy one of these laptops, if you donate one. For $400, we’re bringing the joy of futureworld to two families, one of which we know and love.

  1. Wow.

    Hey, what did Jason make for you with his new soldering iron? Your link sort of flopped on me, and now I’m curious.

    Also, stumbled across this today, one of my new favourites:

    Their top 10 for 2007 cracked me up, but the one about ‘Airline Style Chicken’ just tickled me. Reminds me of the ‘sexually inexperienced chicken’ that Jonathan ordered in San Francisco a few months ago.


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