Face in your face

I just finished catching up with one of my favorite blogs, The Sneeze. I got to read the saga of The Face (read it here). Basically, Steve’s dad always drew this face on cards, birthday cakes, etc.
The Face

Steve interviewed his father about it, and after blogging about it, found out where it originally came from. It’s a hilarious story (my favorite part, the part where I laughed silently to myself at my desk in the library, speculates on the other objects drawn on one of the cakes his father decorated), and in the end, I found myself wishing I had a signature little sketch that I could use – not as a personal symbol necessarily, but just the thing I could always draw. This feeling is somewhat related to how I feel about this symbol:
Crying of Lot 49

It’s shrouded in mystery, it’s something that could be uncovered with a little effort, and for some reason, I feel I need to come up with something similar. I’ve been using sheep in a box for my letterboxing monikor:
sheep in a box

but I think I’d like something less abstract. Nothing says ‘cheers, friend!’ like a funny face. Or a robot bunny.

Any suggestions?

  1. AH! Yes. It’s my standard. It’s way better than what I used to draw in elementary school, back when I thought I was hilarious: Cow Grazing During Snow Storm.

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