Spring Break ’93!

My brother and his sig.oth. came to visit over his spring break. He’s student teaching, and really really needed the vacation. We drove out to Provincetown for a night, walked around on desolate hurricane walls and got kind of windburnt.


One thing I knew they’d both like is thrift store shopping. We have a fairly amazing store here called Savers, that is huge like Village Discount Outlet, and it organizes by size, then color. It’s probably the best organized thrift store I’ve been to. I’d give it an 8 out of 10. What would make it a 10 is if it had more high-end clothing. There’s a lot of low-quality, stained, or otherwise unwearable (for me) chaff. You only get that in areas where there’s a lot of high-end buying paired with consistant donating. And then the items tend to cost more. What I’m saying is there’s a continuum, and now let’s get back to the vacation.


We also cooked a few meals. Fresh artichokes were one adventure (ahem – garbage disposal – ahem), and we were able to revel in our love of bacon on Easter morning.

Now they’re gone, back to Iowa. Having them here was above-average fun, and it reinforces my desire to live near my sibs. And parents. And friends. And corn.

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