So, I’ve been feeling choking-you-from-the-inside-welling-up-faster-than-you-can-blink-it-back friend/homesickness, so I’ll be glad to have some of my peeps around for Easter. (Get it – peeps? Easter? Zombie Jesus?)

Almost every day, at some point, I think to myself, “Why am I not living in Chicago right now?”

“Because I didn’t want to wait to look for a job,” is the answer. But man, will I feel this socially detached in six months? It’s already been three. Why should I have to find new friends, when I already have lots of perfectly good friends just lying around? Am I really homesick? I’m trying to tell myself that I’m not – I’ve never been homesick – but there’s enough vague unhappiness that I can’t identify to not rule it out.

And being frustrated makes me sappier. Stupid non-agression. I guess it’s still better than drinking.

End soppy rant.
while enthusiasticall playing Wii Sports, Jason winged my laptop, sitting open near him. This is what the screen looks like:


On the upside, I still love him. For now.

  1. man that sucks. you have all the arrested development shows on your computer? that’s awesome. but since it’s a laptop you can’t just get the screen fixed?

    this girl i work with broke my camera last week. unless i got it sticky while making margaritas. both scenarios explain the messed up lens. fortunately i had some amazon seller money to buy a new one. it’s pink, which is both annoying and 20 dollars less than its friends. much nicer camera, but sigh. i wanted to use that money to buy books i’d lost over the years.

    long story short, i feel your pain, though mine was slightly less.

  2. Lizz – I’m pretty sure Jason has one of your books – he just discovered it as we finally unpacked the book boxes.

    On the upside, you can name your camera Killer.

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