This is my desk at work. Today it has flowers on it. My parents sent an awesome plantgift, with flowers (my mom would often buy flowers for my birthday, because the dead of winter is a good time to have fresh flowers in the house) and potted plants, so I’ll have something that lives.

The crocus is from Juanita, the assistant director.

I brought doughnuts to work today. I had a Boston cream, which is suitable. I had a FANTASTIC lunch, complete with chocolate cheesecake with cherries (ooh, alliterative). Jason picked me up after work, and brought me home to …


This is one of my comfort foods. It’s called Italian soup, and Jason got the recipe from my mom so he coud make it for me. We both ate way too much, and I took this picture AFTER we had eaten. The rest is in freezer bags. I have a feeling we’ll have more cold weather, and this will be perfect.

After dinner, we went to see The Queen. I highly enjoyed the movie. I have a tiny bit of Anglophile in me, and I took full appreciation for the perspectives of the royal family and of the prime minister.

I’m exhausted from being a birthday princess, so I will now go to bed.

  1. Isn’t it great having a desk of your own? Happy belated birthday!

    Your family’s Italian soup looks like my family’s “goulash” and is now making me rethink my menu plans for his weekend…

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