Glucklich Geburtstag

In reality, I’m 28. It’s great. I’ll celebrate with my mate tonight at … six.

I got a birthday pigeon from Anarchy Ann:

I also got flowers from family and friends, cards, emails, e-card, and a tight-lipped beau who’s picking me up from work tonight. I’ll post more later after I finish my day of birth celebration.

Mom, Dad, feel free to post a comment with my birthday story. You know, how you almost named me Abigayle, and you saw Superman, and you thought Dad was driving over the rail road tracks too fast, but it turns out you were in labor, and there was a blizzard, and I was the first laboye? baby born at Dewitt Hospital and I was cute and fat. That stuff. Talk about that stuff.

  1. Happy Birthday Lady Sonya! You are super cool and it is very fun to read your librarical stories. When are you going to start telling me stories of car theft and fires. I am anxiously awaiting.



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