Tiny overwhelm.

I’ve been looking up rhymes, songs, and finger plays to do for storytime. I know a lot of Girl Scout camp songs which about girly things or death, primarily. I know I know nursery rhymes, but I feel rusty. I’ve been looking up books with lyrics, and that’s been helpful, but I find when we do them during storytime, the kids and parents know them better than I do. And apparently, the version on the video everyone ELSE had seen went a little different.


I don’t want to spend my evenings watching kids videos over and over, to perfect my tune to match the Disney version. I suppose that kind of thing happens once you have children, listening to Raffi CDs in the car and whatnot, but I struggle with it now.

  1. Rage against the “Disney-fication” of the light. Apologies to Dylan Thomas. Those kids will come around and how come they’re watching that much television? Sheesh! You just keep teaching them “Old-school” style and they’ll learn something new.

  2. See, we would be a good audience for you. We’re following the whole American Academy of Pediatrics “no TV under the age of 2” thing. So Isaac still has almost 10 months to go. No Blue’s Clues, no Bob the Builder, no Baby Einstein. (Although he gets a fair share of Food Network on while he’s in the room … just because he’s not allowed TV doesn’t mean I’m not either! 🙂

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