Baby bear

I was really hoping that the Bears AND the Patriots would win today, making an all-Sonya Superbowl. Jason and I watched the Pats game at a LNB (local neighborhood bar). Alas, the Patriots did not make it, which makes me kind of glad we left the bar at half time. I haven’t perfected my mob attitude and flaming pitch fork, so I’m glad we finished the game out at home.

I’ve finished my first week at work. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I should be doing during my day, as well as figuring out what things I should be getting ahead on. Liiiiike, say, the summer reading program (SRP). I have to start scheduling things now, like performers and venues. It’s kind of cool that there are parts of the program that are so traditional and ingrained that I have no choice but to do them. This means that I have a half-scheduled SRP already! When my boss was the children’s librarian, she started the Teddy Bear Parade. Kids bring their bears and wheel them around in Radio Flyers, all to the tune of the Grateful Dead tune “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. It’s a town tradition. I can’t wait to introduce Fairhaven to Oatmeal Butt.
Oatmeal Butt

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