3rd day at workity: a small fire.

My day at work was similar, but I burned dinner tonight. I had popped buns in the oven to toast, then got distracted subscribing to some magazines.

Now I’m viewing a couple of DVDs I’m considering weeding from the children’s section.


It’s by the creators of Triplets of Belleville. I have high hopes for this one.

May or may not suck, but it does have interviews with Diana Wynne Jones, who wrote Howl’s Moving Castle.

Weed, dude. Totally. Bra. Yeahhhh.

  1. I forgot to mention to you that I read Howl’s Moving Castle a month or two ago specifically because I saw it once pop up on the righthand side of your blog. I really, really enjoyed it. Have I ever mentioned how much I like your taste in books? Go, go, fellow reader!!

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