Day 2. Still no fires.

I am just about done with my second day at work. I went and visited the craft dungeon, the part of the basement that has become overrun with craftybits. There are 200 empty rolls of toilet paper, one million pipe cleaners, foam stickers, paint, tape, glue … it’s a crafter’s wet dream. My predecessor’s predecessor liked to buy craft crap – like googly eyes. There’s so much down there, I was overwhelmed. I have never in my life been overwhelmed by craft supplies.

So, I decided to start Crafternoon – since I found so much crap to use, it’s going to be easy. There will be a craft available every day after school for the kids who come in. I planned two crafts for today. One was coloring mittens and polar bears (admittedly, the first wintery shapes I could find), and the other was using foam shapes of sea animals and transportation. I posted the definition of ‘vignette’ and challenged the kids to come up with a vignette using the shapes. There were a lot of roads near the sea. I guess it’s appropriate. There were bored teens waiting to use the computer, and they totally colored polar bears. HA. Everyone loves coloring.

I’m took home “Sing and Sign Nursery Rhymes” so I can learn a few, because I’m going to do a story hour about ASL and signing with your little one. I can’t wait to see the expression on Jason’s face. If he thought me watching Reading Rainbow was weird, he has a lot to adjust to.

On the knitting front, or back, I finished the main portions of the sweater I’m knitting. I cast on for the sleeves, and I should be done relatively soon. I’m a bit traumatized by the lack of fitting, and the person I’m knitting for is 1,000 miles away, so this will be interesante. I found out today that 80% (that’s 4 people) of my library staff knit, and I just skyrocked up 67 arbitrary points with them. Lastly, Karla pointed me to an exhibit at the NY Museum of Art and Design, called Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting. It’s up till June, if any knittas want to meet me and go. This kind of blew me away:
tiny mittens

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